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TheChiliCool now also on IPhone and IPad with BenModa

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TheChiliCool from now on iPhone and iPad with BenMODA

Now you can follow my blog on the iPhone and iPad, by downloading the free app from Apple BenMODA HERE. One way to track your favorite fashion blogs, in an intuitive and simple way. What are you waiting for? If you do not have an iPhone you can stay updated on blogs you love by BenMODA website.

TheChiliCool da oggi anche su IPhone e IPad grazie a BenMODA

Da oggi potrete seguire il mio blog su IPhone ed IPad, scaricando l’app gratuita BenMODA dal sito Apple QUI. Un modo per seguire i fashion blog che preferite, in modo intuitivo e semplice. Cosa aspettate? Se invece non avete un IPhone potete rimanere aggiornate sui blog che più amate tramite il sito di BenMODA . Continue reading

The most stylish app: ICarla by Carla Gozzi

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If you are already fans of the popular style coach Carla Gozzi, host of the TV program “How do you dress?” on air on Real Time, together with Enzo Miccio, this app is for you! With this new app, designed by the team of IoAppo Agency Web 2.0, that you can download here, you can have on your smartphones the tips of an experienced personal shopper, to resolve any doubt in terms of style. Yes, because if it is true that we are judged in less than 30 seconds, the first impression is everything and the look we wear certainly can not be left to chance. Here comes to our aid the app iCarla, who wants to be a faithful tool to get a fantastic result “perfect look” for every occasion, in line with seasonal trends. With this stylish app we can also get specialized advices, for example about the looks to be worn during the holidays in the special section “Christmas”. Thanks to the Academy section, instead, you can stay up to date on events of Carla Gozzi around Italy, in case you want to book a full immersion of the length of 8 hours with the style coach and her team of make-up artists and hair stylists.

Se siete già fan della celebre style coach Carla Gozzi, conduttrice del programma “Ma come ti vesti?” su Real Time, al fianco di Enzo Miccio, questa app fa al caso vostro! Grazie a questa nuovissima app, pensata dal team di IoAppo Web Agency 2.0, che potete scaricare qui, Continue reading